Brass Ring is a partner who will position your company for success.

Our unique approach includes:

  • We are dedicated exclusively to companies generating $5 to $50 million in revenues. Our committed capital base, transaction expertise and growth resources are best suited for this size partner.
  • When you partner with us you will always deal directly with decision-makers.
  • We uphold Midwestern values. We are responsive, accessible, know your market and speak your language.
  • We are currently investing from our committed fund. Our committed capital resources are $43 million.
  • Brass Ring’s principals have a material investment in our funds to ensure alignment of economic interests.
  • We are vested, because of this, we succeed at partnerships not just transactions.

We are intellectually curious people by nature. Our passion is learning what makes a business tick - not just analyzing numbers. We are students of business and organizational behavior that recognize the importance of culture and the people that run companies.