Brass Ring is an expert in ownership transition.

Whether acting as a business buyer or capital partner to management—whatever your transaction type—we can help.

Private Company Sale (a buyout)

When owners desire to sell and retire from their company, we act as the buyer. We partner with incumbent management or recruit new management if there’s no succession team in place.

Private Company Recapitalization

Owners who desire to:

  • Diversify their estate with significant cash liquidity (70% - 90% of company value is typical)
  • Retain ongoing ownership (20% - 45% is typical)
  • Retain operating control of their business
  • Gain outside resources for growth

We help you achieve these objectives through a recapitalization with Brass Ring. Such transactions enable owners to shed bank guarantees and facilitate ownership for managers.

Family Succession

We provide capital, partnering with family members who want to buyout ownership positions held by active or inactive shareholders.


We buy business segments (with or without management) that no longer fit within the existing organizations’ operations.

Acquisition of Competitor

We have the financial resources and expertise to make the acquisition of a competitor a reality.

Growth Financing

In select situations, we facilitate expansion financing for companies experiencing rapid growth.

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