Business Owners

When selling or recapitalizing your business we ensure that what matters most to you matters most to us.

  • Achieve good value for your company
  • Treat employees fairly
  • Create opportunities for management
  • Preserve your company’s culture and heritage
  • A discrete, non-disruptive process

If you’re looking for a successor to manage your company, we can assist in your search.


The opportunity to acquire, invest in or significantly expand the company you manage is a rare event. We know the importance of partnering with experienced, professional investors you can trust.

  • You run the company
  • We are your financial partner
  • We have committed capital resources
  • We have a robust professional network to ensure success

Our history of success is reflected in our portfolio. Since you’ll spend the next several years of your career with whomever you select as your partner, Brass Ring is a sound investment decision.


Advisors are oftentimes the cornerstones of business success. We’ve built a reputation of engagement and continuity with small company advisors because we understand the value you play in creating investment opportunities.

The success of a transaction is shared. We recognize the importance of your role and reward you for non-represented introductions that lead to a completed Brass Ring transaction.

For businesses that don’t have representation, we often advise them to hire an appropriate advisor. With Brass Ring, you can expect:

  • Commitment to maintain existing advisory relationships
  • Lehman Formula finder’s fee for buy-side transactions
  • Finder’s fee of up to $150,000 for transactions you introduce

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