Buying and Building Great Little Companies.


Brass Ring Capital is a private investment firm focused exclusively on small businesses with revenues of $5 to $50 million, operating income of $1 to $5 million, and a proven business model.

When supporting the transition needs of small business, be it a sale or recapitalization, it’s important to select the right partner. If you're reading this you're looking for that partner. A partner that can position you for success, provide the resources you need and grow the business long after the transaction has closed.

At Brass Ring Capital our foundation of success is built on collaboration, a Main-street presence, a Midwestern style and accessibility.

We are equipped with the depth of experience, committed capital and a history of success. We've got the know-how to guide you. We provide certainty with committed capital that’s ready for deployment. And Brass Ring’s successful track record over time reflects the merits of our approach.